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Architectural Photography & Large Format Camera Gear

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Our goal is to display the highest quality photograghs possible and at a size so one may be able to study and appreciate the details of world architectural masterpieces. Also provided is a brief history and informational notes about the design images. It is our sincere hope that you enjoy your stay with us and will return for another visit.

Lisbon, Portugal...EXPO'98...the Last World's Fair of the 20th Century

My Favorite Photographs

Ephesus, Turkey........Roman RuinsPompeii...Naples, ItalyLa Sagrada Familia (Rear)..Barcelona, Spain

Ephesus...Terracotta Clay PipesForum...Rome, ItalyTemple of the Sacred Family(Front) by Gaudi

Parthenon...Athens, GreeceColosseum...Rome, ItalyRock of Gibraltor, UK...Atlantic Side

Parthenon...Column Cross SectionBridge of Americas...Panama8"x10" Walnut/Maple View Camera

Fort...Cartagena, ColumbiaBusy Enclosed Mall...USACrown Graphic Camera by Graflex

Mazatlan, MexicoEiffel Tower...Paris, FranceNotre Dame Cathedral...Paris, France

The Lift...Lisbon, Portugal Trevi Fountain...Rome, Italy Old Town...Lisbon, Portugal

Pantheon Interior...Rome, Italy Pantheon Open Dome...Rome, Italy High Gothic...Milan Cathedral...Milan, Italy

Westminster Abbey... London, UK Vaulted Ceiling... Westminster Abbey (6x9cm)23 Rollfilm Back for 4x5 View

My Favorite Web Sites

Harold M Merklinger's....The How To of Focusing
Norman Koren's Making Fine Prints in your digital darkroom
Graflex Directory of Instruction Manuals [Graflite, Graphic, Grafmatic, Rollfilm backs, 6x6 cm., 6x9 cm, 70 mm,]
All of these Graflex Manuals are free for downloading, printing and are available on this web site.

Tor Lillqvist's Gimp for Windows .... [Open Source Software, GNU Image Manipulation Program, a.k.a. the GIMP]
Gimp was used to prepare all these photographs and graphics for this web site

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